So … you want to buy a business. Why?

Mark Sapsford

Mark Sapsford


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So … you want to buy a business. Why?

By adding scale, skills, and assets, your business can reach further, faster, and more cost-efficiently. It can be cheaper and quicker to acquire capabilities ready-made than develop them in house.

To acquire another business, you’re going to have to identify the opportunity, negotiate the deal, complete a raft of processes, then integrate two organisations into one. We can help you cover each stage, whilst guiding you through how to finance everything and complete the transaction.

As your business broker, we set out the integration challenges and opportunities for quick and long-term #win. We assess your chosen target or find one which fits the criteria agreed, looking for an option that fits your business, ethos, and goals. Then we make a confidential approach on your behalf, assessing whether the organisation is ready and willing.

Please feel free to call us to discuss further or go to our website for further details #businessgrowth #entrepreneurship #businessdevelopment

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