Investing for growth

Mark Sapsford

Mark Sapsford


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Investing for growth


A view of Canary Wharf from Greenwich Park and the Royal Obervatory

A healthy business is a growing business, so at some point you are going to look around for funding.

For years, the traditional route has been to take on banking debt or seek private equity/venture capital investment. More recently, innovative sources of funding have become available, with the last decade or so seeing owners of all sizes of business raise funds through:

Minority equity investments (aka Growth Capital)
Investments from family offices
High Net Worth individuals
Crowd Sourcing
Fund Debt
Unitranche Debt

At the same time, private equity is becoming more dynamic, with more than two trillion dollars available for investment worldwide at the start of 2020. Such lenders are keen to invest directly into businesses, having historically enjoyed returns up to 10 times greater than are available elsewhere.

Private Equity has a distinct way of working and an established view on what makes for the ideal transaction. This has created room for alternative and competitive private equity lenders and models, plus the innovative funding sources noted above. As always, this creates horses for courses: part of our role is to recommend the right option to meet your unique circumstances. #investment #business #entrepreneur

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