Ethics In Business

The values-driven company

The challenge now facing companies from local SMEs to multinationals is unprecedented. Their behaviours and very purpose is under scrutiny by staff, customers and stakeholders – who increasingly demand that businesses are authentic and actively living, rather than passively stating their values.Identifying, clarifying, implementing, instilling and adhering to foundation values will result in trust, resilience, sustainability, and integrity.In this series of whitepapers, we have teamed up with Decision Magazine to talk to owners and directors who have been on this journey.
Richard Dendle

What a business really stands for

“A formal segment of our induction process for new staff is about our values, because people then know what is expected of them. “It’s important

Neil Pizzey

Values crucial to reflect personality

“Values inevitably will have an aspirational dimension, because otherwise they can become a tick-box exercise. “It goes back to an engineering principle. We’re not talking

How CapEQ values can help you

CapEQ exists to provide honest advice to business owners, M&A directors and entrepreneurs. We only take on clients if we can genuinely add value,