The basics of acquiring another business - Mergers and Acquisitions

The basics of acquiring another business

Mark Sapsford

Mark Sapsford


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The basics of acquiring another business

Some things to think about before embarking on acquiring another business:

Set target criteria

Finding a target is easy. Finding the right target is hard. A good advisor can save you from making an easy but expensive mistake.

Structure the deal

It takes skills and experience to structure the right deal at the right price for both parties.

Balance risk v reward

Any acquisition creates risks as well as opportunities. You need to fully understand potential downsides.

Focus on integration

The hardest part is not the deal…it’s integrating two entities into one – blending personnel, systems, cultures, workplaces, and more into a single, aligned body. At CapEQ our input extends beyond the transaction, to help you manage a larger, more complex business.

Relationships matter

Whether you work with a seller briefly or for years ahead, building trust is essential upfront. We overcome obstacles on your behalf, resolve tensions, and create an environment where goodwill arises from honesty, clarity.

Acquisitions are usually multi-faceted, complex, and emotional. They generate problems. We’ve seen most if not all of the roadblocks and misunderstandings that can occur and have successfully navigated our clients around or past them.

What we can do for you

  • Strategy – We drive or support M&A programmes to help you achieve your corporate goals faster.
  • Targeting – We excel at finding qualified targets in complementary markets or parallel industries – both UK and internationally.
  • Pipeline – generate more introductory meetings with targets to help you further qualify and prioritise M&A opportunities
  • Negotiation – we build deal momentum and support you negotiating terms/structure and problem-solving to get your deal done Nurturing – we keep other targets warm while you progress priority opportunities

“Thank you guys. Your overall follow up and support is exceptional….it makes it easy for us.” – CFO, UK listed corporation

How to acquire a business successfully

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