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I Don’t Need a Deal Team to Help Me Sell My Business

Mark Sapsford

Mark Sapsford


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I Don’t Need a Deal Team to Help Me Sell My Business

It is surprising how many business owners think they can save on a deal team. While it may seem tempting to save the fees, it has been shown that having a trusted advisor like CapEQ on your transaction more than pays for itself, and generates an average of 20% more transaction value.

Additionally, having the wrong deal team — or no deal team — can cause a business owner to lose leverage during a transaction. Buyers typically have bought more businesses than business owners have sold, and are better at navigating the M&A process.

Lastly, while focusing on the transaction, many business owners forget about running their company, leading to a decline in the business and potentially the loss of the deal. Hiring a good deal team means that, as an owner or CEO, you can focus your energies on delivering results. An experienced investment banker and M&A Lawyer will bring value to the table and work to ensure that the transaction happens at the best possible price and terms for the business owner.

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