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Business tips from former clients and more - Discover our video library to learn more about real-life experiences of business owners going through the M&A process. From how they choose an advisor to negotiating price and terms, telling staff and much more.

Ups and downs of growing a business

Automotive entrepreneur Steve Done explains how his business bounced after a factory fire.

What do business owners do next after selling up? Former client Jeremy Gardner is doing more of what he wants.

Who might buy your business?

When fire engineering consultant Jeremy Gardner sought a new owner for his business, he had some ideas about who might buy it. But he was pleasantly surprised by his eventual acquirer

Selling without advisors

Do business owners really need professional advisors to sell a company? Automotive diagnostics entrepreneur Steve Done explains the added value of advisors on his business sale.

When to sell a business

Workforce outsourcing business owner Brian Walters shares how he knew when it was the right time to exit his business.

How to choose an advisor

Brisbane entrepreneurs Mark and Karen Woolley explain the advisor support they valued during her business sale.

Highs and lows of business sales

What are the best and worst parts of selling a business? Automotive entrepreneur Steve Done shares what he learnt during the sale process.

Top tips for selling a business

Fire engineering consultant Jeremy Gardner shares his thoughts on how and when to prepare for the biggest deal of a business owners’ life.

Business tips for female entrepreneurs

Brisbane med comms entrepreneurs Mark and Karen Woolley share some insights for young entrepreneurs thinking of starting out

How ethical advisors help clients

As Europe’s first ethical M&A advisor, we explain what B Corp status means for clients and other stakeholders

Insights: Empathy in M&A talks

CapEQ’s Mark Sapsford and Doug Edmunds explain why EQ matters more than IQ during M&A negotiations. This podcast was filmed with Haines Watts in 2022.