CapEQ M&A International Partners - Tomasz Jakowiecki - Poland

Tomasz Jakowiecki

M&A Partner

Tomasz has been active in business since the late 90s, and since 2012 he has merged into the M&A market, running a consulting company in Poland.

He has worked with clients from many industries ranging from distribution and aluminium foundries to lingerie and railway equipment, working with acquirers worldwide on several dozen M&A assignments.

Not only did Tomasz decide to leave banking industry in 2012 and dive into the transaction and corporate finance market, but in the meantime in 2017 he bought another company and sold it in 2021 to fully appreciate what it’s like to sell your own business. He did this in order not to expose himself to the accusation that plumber’s tap is always leaking.

His knowledge of business, finance, law and human nature makes him an effective negotiator and efficient advisor sought after for his support in everyday business decisions as well as M&A transactions.

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