M&A Partner

If a transaction touches food and agriculture, Stuart’s your man. Following an honours degree in Agriculture, he’s spent upwards of 30 years running, growing, buying and selling companies and businesses within the sector, across the EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. A founding shareholder and investor in three agri-tech, genetics and equipment fabrication businesses, Stuart has the contemporary real-world experience needed to read, navigate and shape the marketplace.

He’s run teams of hundreds, but it’s Stuart’s personal contacts, capabilities and approach that makes him the perfect fit at CapEQ: identifying acquisitions and acquirers, then maximising profits, shareholder value and EBITDA.

A truly international player (variously based in England, Belgium and South Africa), Stuart is happy to negotiate in French, German or his native Yorkshire – a dialect suited to his reputation for getting to the heart of the offer. Understanding the true art of the deal, he’s the epitome of the ‘sleeves rolled up, let’s get it done’ approach – unless you get him talking about classic cars: at that point, all deals are on hold.

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