CapEQ M&A Team

Simon joined the CapEQ team in 2021 and now sits right at the front end of the business: for many clients, he’s the immediate face and voice of the business, making early contact with acquirers, investors and companies considering a sale.

Behind his interpersonal and communications skills lie deep wells of expertise and experience. Simon has helped more than 100 businesses change hands successfully during his 20-year M&A career, blending an ability to develop proprietary market intelligence, adjust M&A strategies and maintain rigorous focus, while maintaining key relationships.

Though great company, Simon has become used to seeing his listeners’ eyes roll back in their heads whenever the subject turns to property prices or local planning debates. It’s safer to steer our Mr Tenacious onto gardening – or, to be honest, onto any subject other than the price of a four bed semi.


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