Terms & Conditions

Social & Environmental Statements: Making a Difference

We believe that capitalism is at its best when tempered by social responsibility. Therefore we ensure that:

  1. our staff are paid well, actively involved in the business, and receive a share of profits
  2. we employ people who combine sharp minds with varied life experiences. This combination gives our clients access to broad perspectives and capabilities
  3. we operate empathetically and philanthropically, funding local charities and organisations and paying our staff to volunteer their own community support

Reducing environmental impact is integral to our business model.

We run a carbon-neutral organisation (in fact currently we are carbon-negative). We have identified waste, travel and energy usage as priority areas for active monitoring and environmental management. For example, we maximise digital alternatives to physical travel, whilst promoting alternatives to single occupancy car journeys.

We also evangelise to (and support) our own people, in their pursuit of environmental best practice outside work.

We do not believe it is enough to be legally compliant. Too many organisations aim low, establishing bare minimum standards. Others follow the letter of the law but miss the spirit.
Our goal is always to be fair and responsible, establishing genuine levels of good behaviour and human decency.

We are a young and evolving organisation, so we have committed to continuously monitor and extend our environmental commitments, revisiting and revising them annually.