CapEQ M&A Team - Michelle Chandler-Haynes - Head of Project Management

Michelle Chandler-Haynes

CapEQ M&A Team

Need a problem solved? A top negotiator on your team?  A complex point clarified? Talk to Michelle.

For the past decade and more she’s built a track record in private client M&A work, working across Europe (she is based in Crete, with a remit which covers most of the continent).

With a string of seven and eight figure deals under her belt, her project management and leadership experience have made Michelle an in-demand coach, mentor and adviser across a range of sectors, including medical, food, manufacturing, transport and IT. Her ability to guide and support clients throughout the preparation, marketing, negotiation and completion of a transaction makes her the perfect acquisition for CapEQ.

In previous lives Michelle worked in retail as a store manager before cutting her teeth in property services. Today, her eyes light up whenever she’s presented with a barrier or challenge, whether this relates to a business transaction or a home improvement: she’s an expert renovator with a keen eye for interior design.

So if you have an enterprise to buy, sell. enhance or transform, Michelle’s dynamic direction could point the way to a surprisingly rosy future.

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