CapEQ M&A Team

Linda’s role is complex, but easily explained: she takes you to market.

As Content Editor, it’s her expertise and eye-catching prospectuses that make the case for a merger or acquisition. Each prospectus results from time spent delving behind the scenes and spending time with clients, gathering raw information and data. Her particular skill lies to translating what she discovers into crystal-clear facts and insights.

As a result, CapEQ clients keen to stand out and gain attention in the M&A market tend to become enthusiastic members of Linda’s fan club, impressed by her ability to bring out the best in any opportunity.

Building on a previous life in retail banking management, she’s spent more than a decade in M&A, adding depth to her breadth of experience. But like so many CapEQ people, still waters run deep. Having encountered Linda in the kitchen (she’s a heck of a cook), in the countryside (she loves a long walk) or in the gym, you might be surprised to find she’s equally happy in the mosh pit at a heavy rock gig – or cheering on Burnley FC. These ex-retail bankers, eh. What are they like?!

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