Completed M&A Deals - Newage Testing Instruments Acquired By Ametek

Newage Testing Instruments Acquired By Ametek


“Selling your business is a stressful, complicated process. The prospect of continuing operations, while seeking prospective suitors in a clandestine manner, is more than a bit daunting if not overwhelming. 

Recognising that, my partner and I were fortunate in meeting Mark Sapsford. Mark directed a team of M&A pros with aplomb. He not only prepared us to sell, but kept us intimately informed as the process of selling our business progressed. Mark made sure that no detail was left to chance. He skilfully assisted me in putting together a presentation for prospects that would pique their interest, and enable them to see the value of the company.

Mark presented us with 10 capable prospective buyers. He lead the meetings in a comfortable, professional manner. When it was time to tender offers, Mark acted as our negotiator. 

We were fortunate in having two large multinational firms put forth offers. Quite frankly, both offers, as initially received, exceeded our expectations! Mark skilfully worked these two and got them to increase their offers by approximately 25%!! 

Once we made our decision, Mark reviewed and made suggestions on the sales agreement. Additionally, Mark counselled us on holdback and post sale owner consulting. 

At the end of the day, We feel that Mark minimized the disruption of our day to day operation, and minimized my partner and my stress levels. Additionally, Mark found a great match in the buyer, ensuring the longevity of our company. Equally important, Mark represented our company in a manner that maximized our return!!!

I sincerely recommend Mark to assist with procuring suitors, and maximizing the return on your business. 

Sincerely, Douglas McGhee Happily Retired!!”

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