Kantar Public acquires PPMI Lithuania

PPMI Group joins Kantar Public

Kantar Public, the international public policy evidence and advisory business owned by TrilanticPublic policy research consultancy acquisition | CapEQ Europe, has today announced the acquisition of PPMI, a leading European policy research and consultancy company, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

The deal will enable both organisations to strengthen their combined offerings across public policy advisory and evaluation, data and analytics, and behavioural and communications work, to support government, multi-nationals, business and civil society clients, when dealing with the most important and complex public policy issues around the world.

The completion of the deal was announced on 6 July 2023, and PPMI will start working alongside Kantar Public with immediate effect.

Dr Michelle Harrison, Global CEO of Kantar Public commented on the acquisition of PPMI: “I am thrilled that Haroldas Brožaitis and his excellent team at PPMI are joining us at Kantar Public. From our first meetings, the synergies in our purpose, strategy, ambition and culture were remarkable. Our combined expertise in delivering evidence and advisory work across the public policy spectrum, and our shared recent history of technology investment to deepen our data and analytics capabilities, will take our ability to deliver to our clients to the next level. I could not be more delighted to be welcoming them to join us as we accelerate and innovate across our shared areas of expertise. I look forward to a future of co-creation and collaboration as we build our journey together.”


Haroldas Brožaitis, Managing Director of PPMI added: “Today is the start of the next exciting chapter for PPMI as we embark on our new relationship with Kantar Public. PPMI has been a leading evidence-based insights and public policy consultancy since our inception in 2001. We have more than 100 in-house researchers and work with partner organisations in all EU countries to serve public sector leaders in the EU and international institutions as well as national authorities. We are proud of our purpose-based culture, which combined with exceptional strength in analytical capabilities and technology-enabled data, enables us to be a strong collaborative partner to existing and future clients operating in the public realm.

“In this next phase of our journey as part of Kantar Public, we have the opportunity to create something very special together. The complexity of the societal, economic and environmental challenges that governments, the public sector and non-governmental organisations are facing across the public policy spectrum are immense.

“We, alongside Kantar Public, are fully committed to being part of how we solve for these challenges – as we continue to provide strong evidence-based insights to support effective decision making and sustainable positive outcomes for communities around the world.”


Antony Bellau, Managing Director at Trilantic Europe and member of Kantar Public’s Global Management Board, commented: “We at Trilantic Europe are delighted to announce the acquisition of PPMI by Kantar Public.  PPMI is a fast-growing business, with deep expertise across public policy, technology enabled data and analytics and a fantastic team of dedicated specialists. Combined with the market leading position of Kantar Public as one of the outstanding public policy evidence and advisory businesses globally, we are confident that through this partnership, both businesses will continue to go from strength to strength.”

The value of the deal will not be disclosed.

About Kantar Public

Kantar Public is a world leading independent specialist research, evidence and advisory business providing services to government and the public realm, across all aspects of public policy. In September 2022 Trilantic Europe -a pan European mid market private equity firm- backed the Kantar Public management in the carve-out of the business from Kantar. The Kantar Public business will be rebranded later in 2023.

With offices across Europe, APAC and in the US, our specialist consultants and researchers are supported by our unique global data ecosystem providing gold standard data. We combine expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies and data science, to provide the evidence and advisory services for successful decision-making in government and organisations working for the public realm. We share global best practice through local expertise.

For more information, please visit www.kantarpublic.com


About PPMI

PPMI is a leading European research and policy analysis centre, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. More than 100 in-house researchers coming from 20 countries ensure our ability to help public sector and civil society leaders from around the world, presenting evidence that is clear, simple and ready for use.

We are a trusted partner of many EU and international institutions, providing actionable insights, developing shared understanding among key stakeholders, and enabling policy implementation to bring about positive and lasting change. PPMI goes the extra mile, consistently delivering work of the highest quality.

All our methodologies and approaches represent the state of the art. We implement complex field research, ranging from hundreds of interviews over several months, to international surveys with tens of thousands of respondents; we employ a wide variety of methods in data mining and analysis – all driving evidence with data-based insights.

All of this is made possible by our in-house team of dedicated researchers from a range of disciplines (from political science, economics, sociology, philosophy to mathematics, computer science, and physics), countries, and diverse backgrounds in academia, business and public service.

For more information, please visit https://ppmi.lt/

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