Completed M&A Deals - Ecutek acquired by Amei Holdings/Promus Equity

Ecutek acquired by Amei Holdings/Promus Equity

The shareholders of ECUTEK said: 

“James was the ‘Deal Leader’ for the sale of my business ‘EcuTek Technologies’. James was instrumental in achieving the very best offer for the business, as well as driving the sale through to a successful conclusion. James took the time to understand our business and really ‘got’ what we did. When it came to meeting potential acquirers, he was then able to confidently ‘sell’ the business on its merits. 

James is super intelligent, driven, focused, remembers everything you say, and takes time to understand what you are conveying. It was a unique experience for us (my business partner and I) to have industry professionals ask in-depth questions about our business, then sit by and watch as someone else articulately answered them with accuracy and confidence. James was able to very competently discuss technical, financial, and legal issues with each of the various experts involved in the deal. He overstepped his remit wherever required to pick up tricky loose ends that others had avoided or missed. 

Due in no small part to James’ unfaltering energy and commitment to the deal, we shook on the sale in early November and had a signed SPA and the business sale completed by Christmas. 


I am not sure whether I will create another business in the future or not. But if it ever got to the ‘exit’ stage, I would definitely want James Pugh on my team.”

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