Completed M&A Deals - Companions Homecare Acquired By August Private Equity

Companions Homecare Acquired By August Private Equity


“Hi Mark,

Just a few lines to say thank you so much for all the hard work in handling and finalising the sale of my business, Companions Homecare. 

At the time I decided to sell and appoint you to handle the sale, I’d already been bombarded with approaches from several other Business Sales specialists who each seemed to promise the earth but who also seemed equally vague about the sales process, the reality of what was going to be involved and the work necessary to bring a business such as mine successfully to the market or what they would do to support me to earn their fee!

When we met I was obviously impressed with the list of successful and well-known companies you had already represented but what impressed more was the clarity of your description on what was realistic, what was going to be required in terms of work from my-side but also the detailed and personal input you would provide in terms of putting together the sales prospectus, seeking interest from the market, introducing me to the legal team and then attending each and every sales presentation to guide me through what was obviously going to be quite a stressful process.

Looking back on the experience it would not have been as enjoyable …or as successful!…if you hadn’t taken the personal guiding role that you did, I particularly appreciated the effort put into understanding my business, which I genuinely feel helped in putting together the final list of interested potential buyers and setting up the meetings, which led to the successful sale.

I am now involved in putting together another venture, which we hope will be ready to sell on within the next 3-5 years,  so I will be in touch again! 

All the best for the future,


Bill Oakdon”

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