Completed M&A Deals - Proscribe Acquired By Envision

Proscribe Acquired By Envision


“They say, ‘don’t start a business without an exit strategy’ and we say, ‘don’t start your exit strategy without Mark Sapsford!’.  It is a true pleasure to provide a reference for Mark.  We hope our brief story below contributes to your decision to partner with Mark.  It will be one of the best decisions of your business career. 

In 2013, after a careful consideration of international business brokers to assist us with the sale of our company (which was based in Australia), we selected Mark Sapsford.  Mark was based in the UK, but the time zone difference was never a problem.  Mark was very flexible in meeting with us and always sounded enthusiastic to speak with us…even on those early morning calls!   Mark used his considerable experience to carefully guide us through the entire sales process.  His welcoming and reassuring nature and his expertise and experience made the process relatively stress free and, dare we say it, enjoyable!  Initially, he helped us prepare our company for the sale, ensuring the content and presentation of the documentation was at an appropriate international standard.  He also provided practical advice on how to manage our day-to-day business activities, while also preparing our business for sale.

Mark searched for and pre-qualified a large number of suitable and interested international acquirers.  We knew Mark would be an impressive ambassador for our company.  Mark then supported us and negotiated on our behalf through a series of meetings we had with our short list of acquirers in New York and London.    Following offers from 3 potential and highly desirable acquirers, Mark helped us select a final UK buyer and supported us during the completion process.  We were exceptionally pleased with the outcome, with our company joining a global industry-leader based in the UK.

We would highly recommend Mark if you are looking for a person with the integrity to gain and earn your trust and with the business expertise, networks and processes to ensure a successful sale.  We would be happy to speak to you directly if you want any further information about our highly positive and rewarding experience with Mark.”

Professor Karen Woolley, PhD
Dr Mark Woolley, PhD
Co-founders of ProScribe Medical Communications

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