Completed M&A Deals - Pcm Healthcare Acquired By Cogora

Pcm Healthcare Acquired By Cogora

Doug was our deal lead when we sold our business in 2015. It is hard to overstate his expertise and skill in this role. His ability to navigate the turmoil of a business sale with consummate calm and to instantly identify creative ways round every single barrier is second to none. Moreover, his personable and gentle nature, combined with his obvious insight and knowledgeability, helps him to earn trust, gain respect and build a solid rapport with every stakeholder in the process, including the buyer. It is small wonder he is able to achieve so much from getting the best buyer, price and terms of sale to keeping the sanity of all around him. It could have been so much more nerve wracking than it was but having someone as able and talented Doug managing our sale took away so much worry. If we did it again, we’d want to have Doug by our side every single time.

Alisa Miller, PCM Healthcare

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