Completed M&A Deals - Can UK Acquired By RSK

Can UK Acquired By RSK

When we commissioned someone to take our company to market, it required a huge leap of faith, entrusting the business representing our lifetimes’ work to a 3rd party.  We worked very closely with Doug over the following 18 months as potential buyers were identified, interest was established, initial meetings set up, offers were invited and negotiated, terms and ultimately successfully concluded the sale of our business.  Doug ran the whole project with a calm efficiency which rapidly won our confidence, as well as that of the various interested parties we spoke to.  Whilst market conditions at the time meant we put the project on hold for some months, Doug never lost sight of the ultimate goal of securing the sale, which he pursued with a stoic determination right up until the day of signing.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Doug for a role requiring a combination of charm and gentle persuasion, underpinned by a gritty determination to succeed.  Faced with such a challenge, I know Doug will deliver.

Neil Foster, CAN UK

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