Completed M&A Deals - Advantis credit acquired by jbw/cder group

Advantis credit acquired by jbw/cder group

About the Seller:

Advantis are a leading UK Debt Collection Agency, specialising in Debt Collection and Credit Management. They have over 250 team members, who help over 2 million customers each year. Their client base is made up of some of the largest companies in the UK, active across a number of market sectors, including Utilities, Government Bodies & Retail Finance.

About the Acquirer:

JBW, now CDER Group, is part of the Japanese outsourcing giant Outsourcing Inc. group of companies. Operating across the UK, CDER Group provides a complete range of enforcement, debt recovery and related services and with dedicated Centres of Excellence for Local Government Revenues, Road Traffic and User Charging, and Central Government clients.

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